Hello, I am

Agnieszka Rumińska

Composer & Sound Designer

About Me

I'm a composer, music producer, sound designer and a singer. For many years I've honed my craft from different angles. I feel comfortable in numerous musical genres, which gives me an opportunity to trigger a range of emotional responses that fit any mood and ambiance. I've got what it takes to make your game sound great!

My Experience

2021 2016
Composer & Sound Designer in Anshar Studios

Creating music and sound effects for gameplays, cutsceenes and trailers. Creating audio content for different gaming platforms
(VR, PC, mobile).

2020 2018
Lecturer in Academy of Audio Engineering

Teaching Sound Montage and Sound Editing in Pro Tools.

6 Years 2010

Composing and arranging music alongside with classical singing (in cooperation with the Cracow Philharmony, Polish Radio Choir, Octava Ensemble and others).


My Services

Composition/Music Production
Sound Effects
For You Game/Film
Sound Editing
Mixing And Mastering
Vocal For Your Soundtrack




(+48) 792 684 804